We’re a mother, daughter team who love to cook and learn together. From bakes to ferments, grilling out to 30 minute meals, everything is delicious.

Everything is better together, right? That’s especially true of cooking. Whether it’s reading twice as many cookbooks, having twice as many ideas, or a memory that’s twice as good, we have always found it more fun to cook together.

As a young woman my Mother’s love of learning easily translated to a dedicated pursuit of what she could do next. Bigger, better, the more complicated the more intriguing and if people were coming over well there is plenty to eat! It was only a matter of time before I joined the dinner party. From being the salad chef to tackling French baguettes instead of my homework the topic of food became our favorite shared hobby.

Now that we’ve been home this year with more time and more leftovers than ever before, it is time to finally write some things down, and if we can help with your cocktail hours at home, or your first highly anticipated date night in months, or the day we can all sit around the table together, we will be glad to.